How to get to Niagrra Falls ?

We have a plan - and the plan goes something like this

  • Get to NY
  • Get Hire Car
  • Head Towards Niagra Falls

With the nice people/ship at Cunard heping with the first stage. We got into a New York taxi, and made it 200m. Before the Taxi broke down.

2nd Taxi

With a replacement Taxi arriving within 2 mins, we were again on our way to Newark Airport, where we had booked a car.

This Taxi driver also had no idea of where we were going - instead gave us his mobile phone so we could enter the location. I am not sure if either Taxi driver can speak English - with Arabic and some unknown African language looking the most likely reliable form of communication.

Thrifty rent a car

We were 1 hour early for the car, but there was a nice choice of possible vehicles. After the paperwork, we have got a nice VW Tiguan to roam around in.