Arizona meteroite

Alas our time in Las Vegas was over and we started the day at a rather early 0500, unfortunatly one of the party - Donna - was unwell and unable to come along with us. I hope that she will soon be feeling better and be able to undertake this trip.

The plan - quite simple really

  • Leave Vegas
  • Hoover Dam
  • Flagstaff, Az
  • Meteorite crater
  • Sedona
    • Feel the Vortex (it some hippy thing)


To the Hoover Dam

The trip from Vegas took only about 40 minutes - Joscelene and Remmy followed in their own car, so we went through Henderson and to the Dam un-escorted.

On arriving at the Dam, we got quizzed and the car got a look over by the Homeland Security people (I guess it is a site of national importance) - The lady was very pleasant - and told us to park in Arizona !! We dutifully complied - and drove across the dam, and parked in the lower car park - but as we were there at 0610 - and there was no-one to collect the $10 - it was free.

Hoover Dam

Arriving early - I mean really early was great. There was parking, no people... and plenty of the workers who were about to go to their jobs happy to talk about the dam.

The dam is impressive, scary, wonderfully 30's - and makes a great day out from Vegas.


Good quality facilities are so hard to find these days :)


Juliet looking cool and relaxed on the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam.


I do not often feel dizzy with heights - but this did rather spin my head for a second or two.


This is the new bridge that bypasses Hoover.


The view back up the lake.


Joscelene, Remmy & Charlie


Angels for those who died building the dam.


Meteor Crater

It is a little drive !! make that aprox 4 hours form Hoover to Flagstaff - where we re-grouped with Remmy in his fancy Sports car.

With slightly low fuel tanks - we headed off to the Meteor crater - and with each passing mile that fear of running out of petrol grew. But at mile post 233 - there was an exit and a petrol station - just as the Garmin Gps has predicted. You have to love these things when they work....

Just after the Mobile petrol station I spotted this old nodding donkey


You then drive about another 6 miles, and pay a rather outragous amount of $18/per person. To gain entry to the Meteor site. The building is quite modern and has good facilities; On arriving at the top... you are greeted with this as a view....


Spot the astronaut

To make the point as to how big this hole is there is a mock up of Neil Armstrong on the crater floor. Check the previous picture .... Don't believe me ?



Not only is the hole very impressive but so is the surrounding landscape.


Well worth the effort if you are in the area.

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