Lincon & Arlington

The famous Lincon memorial, is very close indeed to the Arlington national cemetary. So todays morning plan was to

  • get some exercie
  • See the Lincon memorial
  • Visit Arlington cemetary
  • Get back before breakfast finished.

"Lee mansion"

Monday Morning

Washington DC for the previous 2 days, has been a very sleepy, quiet even tranquil place. So we were rather rudly surprised at 0640 the streets were full with people jogging, cycling and walking to the office. Even the homeless were up and moving about.

We walked past the White house - which at 0645 was still empty from tourists. The Secret Service staff chatting amongst themselves still. And down the the Relection Pool - which leads you to Lincon's memorial.

Lincon's memorial

We have all seen pictures and movies of this iconic statue - it is housed withing a Greek Style building - and the statue itself is very large and looks quite imposing. The view is excellent looking across the Reflection Pool toward the Capital Hill.

I would have said that 50% of the daily visitors are joggers who seem to time themselves in running up the steps.

"Mr Lincon""Julet & Mr Lincon"

Hidden Attraction

At the base of the building there is a tucked away small set of rooms with some of the history of the area and the famous events that have taken place there - not least being Martin Luther King's rallies in the '60s.

To Arlington

The map made it look easy - you head across the Potomac river, and then over Columbia island (until you arrive in the state of Virginia) - then there is Arlington.

The walk was quite long - but the Lee Curtis mansion made a good landmark to head for.

The National Cemetary

As you would expect there is a sense of sombre reflection and an expectation that people will behave here. The park is massive - with markers for people who have surved in the US Military as well as those who were married to service personelle. I am not sure that the British war graves cater to "wives" - but this is the same system as used in Manila - I rather suspect that they borrowed or were given the idea by the US.


The park is immaculatly kept - with endless rows upon rows of simple white grave markers. A few had US flags and flowers on them - I (fear) and suspect that thos graves marking the most recent fallen were more decorated, but we did not attempt to go and see here they were.

The Kennedy's

Their grave sites are in a most prestigious setting, surrounded by some wonderful views.

Should you not fancy walking around there looked to be a very popular bus-hop-on service run my the park staff.

"Kenndy resting""Kennedy resting 2"

Getting back to Central DC

We hopped on the Metro and joined the morning rush hour commuters. Which in London terms was very civilized and not at all crowded.

More photos

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