Baseball time

"Play Ball !"

One of the nicest things I remember from when I used to live in the US was watching baseball, and I had already been scanning the dates of where we were likely to be with regard to seeing a game. The only oppertunity was 20 hours after having landed here - so assuming that the weather was going to co-operate, that would hve to be the day.

"Baseball Park"

Getting there

The stadium is a few kms south of where we are staying - it is accessed by a Metro station called Naval Yard - so once we had worked out how to get a subway ticket - there were plenty of Americans also trying to figure it out at the time as well. We arrived with over 2 hours of spare time.

Buying tickets

I could have bought them over the internet - but buying them on the day could simply not have been easier. The cheapest (stanging only) tickets were $5, ours with some shade set me back $44/each which for a major sporting event is about what you would pay in the Uk.

The game was good with the Colorado Rockies maintaining a comfertable lead, and our seats game us a good view of the game.

The breaks inbetween innings were very inventive and funny - keeping the crowd engaged even when their team was not doing especially well.

"Baseball Car-Park"

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