Big Buddah

With a few days holiday that we were spending in HK, we were keen to try and se some of the local sights. And the Big Buddha was one of them.

Getting there

From Central HK, this is a simple first step - take the MTR for 28 mins, past Disneyland (bye bye Mickey), and walk out of exit A - here you have a 5 minute walk to the Cable Car complex.


If you are well prepared and feeling lucky you can buy these online - direct from the Cable Car company, or via Kloop. The advantage of this is you skip the initial line, the disadvantage you need to guess what the weather will be, and you can not be late.

We chose the "turn up on the day" option; And for this we queued for 45 mins, to buy a ticket (Kloop would be there in half this time). After which we had another 50 minutes of queueing to get into a Gondola.

Tacky and Touristy

On arriving at the top (I will cover the cable car lower down), you look like you have arrived in some tacky out of town outlet mall (which is exactly what is at the start of the cable car ride).

It felt totally out of place with the surroundings.

The Statue

As you walk towards the statue, you are reminded not to drink alcohol, or smoke.... no-one pays any notice to this; The bad reputation that Chinese tourists have overseas is evident here in their back-yard.

Walking up aprox 170 steps is not too tiring. Doing so and dodging people who are standing trying to take selfies, gets irritating.

On arriving on the statue seeing signs of "Do not climb" - only to see Indian kids climbing, Chinese men smoking and Filipino's drinking - just makes a mockery out of the whole place. I could carry on - rant over with.

The Monastery

This again appears over-run with the worst type of tourism. Yes the buildings are pretty, and there are some lovely colors - but I compared a visit to a similar temple in Nepal several years before - and this is more like going shopping during Xmas sales.