Bison Deer and Cayote

Exploring Grant Teton day 2

After an excellent meal and a decent nights sleep - getting going in the morning seemed a little more difficult than normal.

There are lots of guides - some you pay for, and some are free - regarding where to visit in the Grand Teton National Park, and being basically mean (and poor) I had been going a bit of background data collecting - and had worked out where I thought we should go.

You could just pay one of the many Jackson Photo-Safari specalists about $160/head and safe yourself the hassle.

Am I going quackers ?

One thing that we have not focused on - is the amount of birdlife here, for some strange reason the feathered wildlife seems much more skittish than their 4-legged colleagues.

But at a rather gloomy looking watering hole I spotted a family of Mallards who were obliging.


Juilet (aka Dora the Explorer), then did a top class spot on a deer.


This deer we walked up to within 30 meters or so. As we reminded ourselves of National park rules to keep 25m away from large animals, and 10m from smaller.

Ansel Adams

Mr Adams is one of the most famous photographers of the 20th Century, and his works especially in US National parks is rather the "Gold Standard" by which photos are sometimes measured.

One of his most famous images is of A Mormon Barn - which we also visited. Alas my modern technology is still beaten by his skill - but it was fun following in his footsteps.



Just a little way down Mormon Row we came across a very obliging Coyete, actually he just passed us by very quickly and then carried on hunting.



We now did a little bit of semi-off-road, not ploughing a field - but unless you were in a 4WD you would not get there.

We had seen Bison all around - but a little ahead there appead to be few close to a vehicle - so we approached slowly, not trying to upset the photographer (who it turns out is a US nationally recognised artist) - and to try and not upset the Bison also.

We started with 4 or 5 Bison - but within 30 minutes there were at least 50 milling around the two vehicles. I by this time was sharing Terry's pickup truck tail-gate - whilst poor Dora the rather worried explorer sat alone - with some VERY large animals literally in front of her.

Notice the dueling scar just above his eye.


Now who has not owned a dog that loved to roll in the dirt... so do Bison it seems.


The really big male bison was occasionally fighting with other males - but most of the time a simple grunt was enough to put his opponents off.


Something more peaceful

As the sun had finally come out - we ambled down to a river where someone was fly-fishing - when we spotted an Elk trying to hide - actually he did a very good job of hiding as it took quite some time to see him.


Heading to our Lodge

Juliet is becoming quite an expert Mule Deer spotter - and upon her cries of "Deer" (she does not like to get too technical about the type of deer) - we spied this small group of deer.


There are many more images especially of the Bison available here