What a major disappointment this place was.

I am sure there are lots of good things to see and do here - but frankly we did not find any of them.


The weather - non-stop heavy rain, which is a pleasant change for us - but made moving around more difficult.


We were in a nose-to-tail traffic jam for over 1 hour, on the freeway, bridges, small-roads, 1-way system no mater where we went - traffic jam.

We did manage to go to Fenway park, but in the pouring rain - it did not make much of an impression.



Being in "New England" for someone who used to live in the UK, is very confusing - Dartmouth and Plymouth back in the UK are close together (as they are in MA) but in the US you then get towns like Swansea, Essex, Manchester all thrown in. We have been playing a car game - is that an English Town ... about 15% I think.

Anyway - Plymouth MA, was just Like Plymouth, Devon (where I used to live and work) - wet, cold and miserable.

We went looking for a Plymouth (Uk) Institution called Captain Jaspers (sorry only funny if you have ever been to Plymouth, and the closest we could get too was the Lobster Pot. Excellent lunch, and just when we were about to go out and have a walk - it started raining even heavier.

Feeling rather detected and defeated we packed up - and hit the road. Hoping that the State of Rhode Island - would be drier; Unlikely as it was only 80 minutes away.