Cedar to Las Vegas

The last phase of the journey to Las Vegas was about to start. Cedar City was much larger than anywhere we had stayed before. But the Motel 6 was the cheapest we had expierienced on the trip so far.

to LV

Weird Laws

We discovered that it is not possible to buy Spirits or Wine in the State of Utah unless you go to a goverment owned alcohol shop !!

Now considering we live in the Middle East - where there are no lack of crazy rules - this we thought was one of the most ridiculous laws we had heard.

Wallmart Shopping

It is not posh/fancy or even easy to navigate around - but you have to take your hat off to Wallmart, they sell just about everything from Dog Food, Hunting Rifles, Flat Screen Tv's as well as "fashion" items. In fact they sell not only lots of stuff - but everything is in a Mega Pack.

We gave up trying to find 1 can of 7-Up, instead we had the choice of a 1.5 LtrsBottle - or a family value pack of 24 !! But I just want 1 !!!

Unlike Safeway who demanded I proved that I was over 21 three days ago, WallMart who applies a "We card you if you appear under 40" - seemed to think I was more than 40 :(, I think my ego prefers shopping at Safeway.

Road trip

The trip to Las Vegas was easy - fast moving road, with quite a large number of police. Speed limits that varied from 80-55 Mph - so you needed to be aware of your surroundings.

Camera Issue

The last day in The Arches had shown again that my D600 was suffering from spots on the Sensor. This has been the achiellies heel of the D600 - prompting a new camera (the D610 very soon after its launch).

I contacted B&C Camera in Vegas by email, and as they were open on Labour Day we dropped the camera off at their shop on W Saharah. It was ready to pick-up 4 hours later.

Friends & Family

We were reunited with Rammy and Donna, who have made us feel very welcome in the comfertable home. A few hours later, Joscelene joined us after finishing work.