DC to Gunnison, CO

The alarm sounded even harsher at 0400, but we resisted the temptation to stay in bed, instead we were soon heading to Reagan airport for the flight to Denver,CO.

Regan Airport was surprisingly busy at 0515, but with relativly little hassle we were all checked in and sitting around for the flight.

Frontier Airlines

Very nice indeed, smooth - well planned, nice seats. And in 3 hours and 45 mins we were in sunny (it was honest) Denver.

Bags and Car needed

The bags eventually arrived and we found the Advantage car desk, despite having booked with Eurocar (always a worrying sign).

All the car rental shops are about 6 miles outside the airport - and within a few minutes we had our car - which for a small upgrade fee was now a full size SUV - a Toyota 4Runner.

The planned route

The Route

There are quicker ways to get to Las Vegas (flying for example) but I wanted to see some places I used to live (bad mistake) - plus the Rocky Mountains are really beautiful at this time of the year.

Colorado Springs

Wow !! I did not recognise the place. So much more built up (it has been 20 years), and super busy with traffic.

My old office was still there but some general Business park, no longer a large corporate machine.

Mountains beckon

As my driving and photo skills are not to be trusted, Juliet got the job of shooting some images.

Open RangeMoutain HomesMountain High

Possibly the high point was the Monarch Pass - a mere 11,300 ft !!!


A quiet mountain town, which no doubt is busier in the skiing season. After grabbing a room, we headed out to see some of the countryside.

Wildlife Viewing areaJulietLooking for supper

There are some more photos available.