Freemont Street

Lets go to a new place

After some suggestions from my friends Mike and Amanda - I had decided that today would be a good day to go to a new place - Freemont Street.

What a fun place - great suggestion guys.

Freemont Street

A pedestrian only street - which was the "old strip". It was certainly busy when we arrived - although the taxi driver did indicate it was early and a quiet day of the week.

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Neon everywhere

It has been many years since I was in New York at Times Square, but this place feels like it has more light bulbs than any place I have ever been too.

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Snack Time

As we had not been to a Diner on the trip so far - the Denny's seemed a good bet - and indeed it was.

alt text

Beef Beer Broards

Mike and Amanda did mention an hotel with an interesting list of attractions - I did not go and check it out.

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Awesome Roof

Some Short videos of the atmosphere in Freemont Street

Hourly Screen show - Amazing

Rock Bands


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