Grand Tetons (again)

This is what we agreed - and so the alarm was set for 0500, alas sleep prevailed and I crawled out of bed at around 0545, Dora the surprisingly happy explorer, was already up, awake and itching to get going.

The plan was to do some gentle/scenic stuff - and try and find that elusive Elk.

Ox Bow Bend

As you drive towards Yellowstone Park - after just entering Grand Teton Park from Moran Gate - you will pass a nice spot to take a photo - this is Ox Bow Lake.

Now the "real" phorographers know this - and from sunrise -1 hour they are already camped there.

We arrived with Sunrise still 10 minutes away - and I got out the car - and quickly got back in - added more clothing and then tried again.

On walking past literally 20 top of the line camera, all on Tri-Pods - with nice Lenses. I sat at the end of the line, feeling like a school kid who had been sent to school with a 2nd hand camera. I took a few pictures - and did not like the viewpoint - so I moved !! Yes feet beat Zoom lenses !!

Now standing by the river with a very pleasant Czek photographer I came up with a plan - of course I needed a different lense.

Dora - the stay in the warm car - explorer was happy to see me, and wished me luck as I went back to -2C.


Keep your eyes open for Otter - as there were a family living close by.

Sun at last

With the sun rising, and the temp still just around 0c, we headed out to see some more sites, and to try and find the Elk.


Alas this diving Duck was the only animal we had seen so far.


The walk not only had great views of the mountains - but the fall colours were really shining through.


Cable car time

Dora, seems to have a bit of a thing for riding cable cars - Malaysia, Switzerland and now USA.

We went into Jackson, and then headed to Teton Village which seems to exist simply for skiing.

Jumping into a $38M cable car - and zooming up the mountain was great fun - and the views were excellent. It was as one would expect COLD - something that some of the natives here seemed to be surprised about - lots of people went up in t-shirt and shorts - most lasted 8 minutes at the summit - before taking the next cable car down.


Last drive through Teton

Not wanting to get caught in the Jackson traffic, I took a small road back into the National Park - which was very picturesque, we did try and see some wildlife - but it seems that we had used our quota up yesterday (Grizzly Bears cost double ha ha).

Then at a very non-descript site - we pulled in, saw some people with cameras obviously looking at something and .... Elk.... Mother and a calf (About the size of a Pony already).


Game spotting around our cabin

Dora has been pretty goot at spotting some animals - and on the evening game drives we have done (I just pick a foresty road - and we try and not get lost), we had been successful - today also.

This Mule Deer was under 10 feet away.


As usual more images available