Grand Tetons

Hello Grand Tetons

It was a short drive from our log cabin to Jackson Hole, Wy. Whilst Jackson looked a very typical USA tourist town - as soon as we left it we were instantly back in the Wild West - or as Juliet likes to call it "Marlboro Country".

Bison & Antelope

Just past the National Elk Refuge we spotted a herd of Bison, along with some antelope.


Over the road the Grand teton mountain range kept popping out of the cloud and mist.


We also managed to get out of the car to stretch our legs.


Off-Road Excursion

Having found where the hotel was for that evening - as it was not showing on the GPS, we then did a little off-roading to see if we could see any more wildlife - alas no.


Hello Yellowstone

With 5 hours of time spare - we zipped up the road to YellowStone, passing the area which had caused the road to be closed. The damage from the fire was quite shocking, you could smell the charcoal/bbq smell, and in places small fires were still smouldering.


Old Faithful

The area around this attraction looks like the car park of your favoite super-market when they are having a sale, it was quite shocking (and we are in off-season) It was easy to escape the crowds - just walk anywhere past the Old Faithful circle. They have seats for the crowds to watch when it erupts.

As we had some spare time we looked at many of the other geysers - the smell - rotten eggs !!


To kiil even more time - Dora the Explora, and I went to look at Old Faithful for a short walk - ha ha... Not sure if sitting around all day, or 7,000 ft of elevation was to blame - but it was hard work.

Lewis Waterfall

Lewis and Clark were some of the earliest explorers of the Rockies, so I was expecting a bigger waterfall for such a distinguished explorer. Little disappointed but it was a lovely sight.


Deer Time

About 1 mile before of rather splendid log cabin, I spotted some deer. Who were quite obliging in letting me film them.


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