Lamma Island

Lamma Island day out.

After doing work/domestic duties for the past 3 weeks, we decided it was time for a change; It was time to go exploring - not looking for sofas, beds etc.

The simple plan was - go to Lamma Island, a friend of mine used to live there when she lived here about 14 years ago.

Ferry Schedule

It appears that there are ferries there about ever 30 mins or so - so we walked down to the Central Pier, and saw there were 2 options - North or South Lamma. North won, as the ferry was leaving in 5 minutes.

Kowloon by the sea

Sitting outside on a posh high speed ferry, this is the view over Victoria Harbor to Kowloon.


I was of course accompanied by Juliet aka Dora the explorer.

Here she is looking calm cool and collected.


I also was quite happy and relaxed.


Lots of ships waiting to dock around these parts.


The Walk ...

We had landed at the north of the Island - it seemed very busy (weekend tourists like ourselves I suspect), but there was a path to the South - it seemed like a good idea.

As it was a sunny day, we stopped and bought some water before leaving civilization.

The path winded up and down, in shade and sun, and then began a long gentle climb.

At the top there is a lovely view point, where Dora and I caught our breath.


After a short break, we plodded on noting the climb South to North would be much more short and sharp.

The time from North to South took us 70 minutes.

Food time

At both ferry stage areas the main business are food restaurants. We sat down at the Raindow restaurant. I am not sure which one is the best - the food was excellent - fresh and plentiful.

We were tired and rather sweaty ... Liquids were needed.


I also was suffering a little.


We had just finished lunch when we heard there was a ferry due to leave. Rushing we made the ferry with under a minute to spare.

Still re-hydrating - we headed to Aberdeen.


Fery trip back

Around the island, there are lots of floating fish farms.


Looking slightly more like the Africa Queen than a ferry, the old ship felt very sound.


Approaching South Island, we crossed the path of many container ships, here the authorities are heading out.


Looks like a car ferry - but not sure where to/from.


Aberdeen Harbor

We had been looking at leaving overlooking this area, this is a squid boat parked close to the high-rise.


All types and shapes of vessles abound.


The jetty to the famous Jumbo Restaurant is clearly visible.


A great day out - you should try it.