Laramie and Rocky Mountain National Park

Jail Time !

This jail facility was basically a work-house (in UK terms) - where naughty people were sent - and whilst they were serving their sentence they worked for the owners of the prison. It was also a silent prison - which literally meant "no-talking"!!

There were several volunteers dressed up - at various points - who gave you their insight as to prison life.

Excellent few hours there.

Dora the criminal ! explorer, on realising she was being sentanced.


Top quality state of the art transportation.


The Cells !!


The stockade. laramie

Union Pacific

Colorado Springs has a fantanstic railway line running past it - due to the gradient they have trains at the front and rear - and not just 1 power unit - several.

As I had spied not only the railway tracks, but a train approaching - we were able to drive within feet of the rails - and I waited for the train.

The driver - gave a momumental set of blasts (I think he was saying "hi", rather than "keep away").

The noise, rumble and wind - was overwhelming.


Arapaho Wildlife reserve

Heading towards Denver we stopped to see some (more) wildlife.

This time - something new....

"Stop making a noise" !! laramie

These are White tailed prairie dogs not to be confused with the low-land black tail (and slightly bigger variety).

"He went the other way"....


A herd of pronghorn antelope stood by, almost saying "be careful - they are small but very bad tempered".


And then we saw what they meant !


We got the message - and quietly left....

Rocky Mountain Grand Lake

Dora, decided that the time was good for some boating - and it so happened that there was a boating shop close by.

After confusing the staff by using the words "pass on the port side" (which was rather worrying they did not know this) - we proceeded to have a great few hours on the lake. Looking at not only at Ospreys but some very expensive houses.


As always more photos are available.