Las Vegas 2

After quite a long day at the conference (Mandalay Bay) - I ventured out again with my camera - it had been raining a little at 5pm - so I was hoping to find some wet pavements - and to get some reflections of the lights on the pavement also. Alas - there was not enough rain - or Las Vegas has somehow magically cleaned up the pavements.

Not too many pics - as I went to the same area as the day before.

Aria Hotel

Just next to where I am staying

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Inside a Casino

One of the rather annoying things here in Vegas is the routing of you via Casino's all the time. It is simply not possible to walk from A to B (in the strip area) without being channeled through a Casino.

Initially this is quite exciting - however it soon becomes just a navigation exercise.

alt text

Some more of the French attractions are also here :)

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Emergency Services

The local ambulance service was fund raising outside Hard Rock Cafe - nothing untoward had happened.

alt text


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