Las Vegas 2015

Welcome to Vegas

Well after many tries - my company finally got me to go to Las Vegas - for an IBM conference, sorry I should really say '''the IBM''' conference.

Well after several years of trying my company finally managed to get me on the place to Las Vegas, to attend an IBM conference - I should probably write the IBM conference; I suppose it rather depends if Big Data and Analytics are your thing.

Anyway this post is not about that - it is more about what the lights of Vegas are like.

Please find some quick photos - that I literally snapped last night using my Nikon D600 - no Tripod. Lense is the 15-36MM F4 - all images were shot handheld - using image stabalisation.

There has been no photoshop.

Aria Hotel

Just next to where I am staying

alt text

alt text

The Strip

Most Harley owners should try riding through a brick wall - alas here it is a Cafe.

alt textalt text

Moon Time

Away from the strip things get very quiet, very quickly.

alt text


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