Getting there

From HK, getting to Macao is amazingly easy. We chose to take the Jet Ferry service from HK Island, but you can take a Bus or Helicopter !!

With the Jet boat we made the 62 km trip in just about 1 hour... which is pretty quick. The boat was quiet, comfortable and a fun experience.

Moving Around

As we had limited time we hired a driver; This was very convenient - and we did not waste any time getting lost or going to places we did to want to see.

Fishermans Warf

With replica buildings from Holland/Belgium as well as a mini Coliseum (you can never have too many of these it seems), this is a tourist mall. But at 08:00 it was still closed.


We had some fun wondering around pretending to be in Europe - although the weather made it feel as though we were there.


Police Bikes

I do take an interest in what motorbikes the police ride when I travel ... Alas Macao does not score highly in this....


Old town

This was a lovely area, and we could have spent many hours walking and exploring in this area. It was unfortunately very cold this day - so we had to keep moving jus to keep warm.


We visited the new cathedral, which was a little plain inside, and an old merchants house - which reminded us of some old Omani houses with their painted roofs and inscriptions on the walls.


Ruins of St Paul.

Walking from the old town, we easily found the way to the Ruins of St Paul. What I did not prepare myself for was how many tourists there were here. It was really busy, and we were here at 09:30 on a cold winters morning.


The facade is very famous - it is surrounded by shops mainly selling food and drink - to the right is the old fort.


Chinese temple

With mainland China being literally 1.5 kms away - this temple seemed a very popular stop - with several branches of Buddhism at the same site. We enjoyed walking around, trying not to cough with the amazing amount of smoke/fumes that the incense was producing.


Despite all of the hustle and bustle, there were people there praying and doing what people do in temples.


On Street Parking

Not a typical on-street parked car you see every day. I guess the cost of real-estate in Macao is similar to HK.



Macao's most famous product - is gambling. So it seemed appropriate that we headed to the Venetian for something to eat, and then to try and loose a small amount of money in the Casino.

I am pleased to report that JB and I made a small profit, Dora alas lost - but at less than a cup of Coffee at Starbucks we are not troubled by this.


Very nice food, served on the floor of the Casino. This gave us a chance to recharge our batteries as we had been on the go for many hours at this stage.