New York

The arrival in New York is a sad highlight of the crossing. We all knew it was approaching, but when it arrived - I rather wished we had a couple more days on the ship.


At 04:30 we were up - and dressed, as the QM2 was scheduled to cross under a major bridge at 04:45.


Dora in some very fashionable early morning deck gear.


Up on deck the city of New York was shimmering in the darkness. Ahead was the bridge, showing some navigation lights to assist us.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

By now I guess there were several hundred people up on Deck 12, all with cameras, some with Champagne !!.

I was expecting people to cheer when we passed underneath - but there was more of a "ohh-ahh".


We cleared the bridge - but it looks very close indeed.

Statue of Liberty

We now moved ahead slowly passing through "The Narrows" - the skyline of Manhatten growing ever larger.

We all had been informed by the captain, that we should be seeing the statue of liberty - but trying to see it in a dark area, with a brightly light skyline proved a little more challenging.

Then, as often occurs, we could see the statue - and how could we have ever missed it.


Liberty off the side of the QM2.


Getting of the Ship

With the QM2 docked along side, we grabbed a quick coffee before getting our suitcases and proceeding to disembark.

The disembarkation process was somewhat drawn out and confusing, and one of the few things that Cunard should try and address. But after 45 mins we stepped off the ship, into the US Immigration process.

With US immigration formalities completed, a short walk and we were out of the cruise ship building.

Sitting there in the morning sun was the QM2 - looking majestic, solid and dependable.



There are some more photos including these in the gallery.