Oman, Islamic New Year

With the possibility of a 3 day weekend, we headed out for a days exploring towards the Sumail/Jebel Akhdar region of Oman.

The weather previously had been a little cooler - but today at noon it was still quite a warm 39C (106F-ish)

After taking a wrong turn, I then compounding the mistake by making another mistake - and amazingly we found ourselves by an old deserted village.

The people were still living close by - just not in the old part of town. So we set off to explore.

Izki old town

We parked next to a rather shiny and new looking mosque - which had a lovely car park - next to it seemed a natural entrance into the old town.


After carefully stepping through the gap (I am always mindful of snakes in such quiet at possibly cool places), a wonderful street greeted us - alas quiet now, but it was easy to imagine a time not too past when this would have been a busy thoroughfare.


Grand Tower

A few meters down the street we saw a rather grand tower - which rather beckoned us to explore.


Alas time is not being kind to such buildings, and care was needed when walking around. On the roof rafters Arabic writing (Quran based I would guess, and some art patterns abounded).


After we passed through the tower - we were greeted with am impressive gate - a double set of sturdy doors - presumably meaning something or someone of importance used to live there.

The artwork on the door was still very impressive.


Well Well !!

Roughly in the middle of the town was the well, I dropped a small pebble in - but did not hear the splash of water.

Next to this another house slowly deteriorated - yet at the same time maintained an air of defiance - resisting the elements.


Also designed to resist were the battlements of the village - still looking very formidable. izki

Old Town Mosque

The largest and possibly tallest part of the town, appeared to be an old Mosque. As I found another well (so you can wash prior to praying) that confirmed my suspicion.

Note the Islamic Crescent design on the doorpost.


Mountain Time

We next popped up the Mountain izki