Paris Bikes and Shopping

Paris day 2

Continuing our efforts to see the city, we headed out of the hotel around 830 in the morning - not that we got very far as we stopped for breakfast about 100 m down the road. After a pleasant breakfast, May slightly more interesting by the waitress arguing with her boss, we boarded the metro and headed off to one of the most memorable landmarks in Paris the Arc De Trimuphe.

Arc De Triumphe

Alas when you a tourist, you know that you are approaching a major site by the fact there are hundreds of tourists there as well. This was the case yesterday with the Eiffel tower and the Trocadero, as soon as we emerged from the Metro Half of Beijing seems to be standing in front of us. After my slight complaints of yesterday about how noisy there were in Notre Dame Cathedral today they seemed much better behaved-possibly the noise level was being dulled by the number of trucks.

The ARC is very impressive, however the roundabout on the traffic detracts from the beauty of this area. Alas whilst we were there a motorbike and a tourist busHad a slight accident.


Champs D'Eysees

Walking down this is wonderful Avenue, with its multitude of expensive shops on either side was very pleasant. The collection of high-end fashion, restaurants, embassies and gift shops is endless.

Juliet unbeknown to me had a shopping plan !!! And when she found her first shop I was left to take pictures of passing motorbikes.

/galleries/2015/France/Day2/bikep1.thumbnail.jpg /galleries/2015/France/Day2/bikep3.thumbnail.jpg /galleries/2015/France/Day2/bikep5.thumbnail.jpg /galleries/2015/France/Day2/bikep6.jpg

No sooner have Juliet finished with the first shop, she spotted her second shop And in a flash I again standing alone on the pavement.

Shopping concluded, we continue to stroll down the Avenue as the number of police continued to increase. It appears that there is a state visit from Spain arriving in Paris today.


Towards Le Louvre

There just never seems to be an end off impressive buildings, when are the very posh shops stopped them some wonderful government buildings appeared. When the government buildings stopped - than parks or bridges appeared.


Passerelle Leopold-Sedar

I have just been reading on the BBC website about the problem this bridge is having due to people overloading it with locks.

Not not sure what I'm talking about ??


The river seemed very busy with commercial as well as tourist boats, we rested here for awhile watching the boats pass up-and-down, Listening to the tourists chair as they passed under the bridge (why ?) Before continuing our journey.


Le Louvre

The Louvre rather surprised us, we have been walking in a very pleasant garden typically lined with trees, fountains and statues as we approached another arch.


As soon as we cleared the arch, we were at our destination. I noticed two thingsWhen we arrived - it was quiet and the Beijing crowd were not here.