Paris Day 1


It is never easy to choose what to do when visiting a place and you have limited time - some people want to see the Museums - others want to go shopping; We seem to not like either of these options - but instead enjoy walking around trying to get a feel of the place - and to see some of the sights that the City has to offer.

I also like (very much) taking photo's - and whilst some of them have to be rather touristy - there are still plenty of interesting photo oppertunities that pop up all the time. My only complain is that I usually have the wrong lense with me at that time.

Notre Dame

As we had done Churches/Basillicas in Italy and Switzerland on this trip - is seems only fair that we give France an oppertunity to impress.... So our first port of call was the famous Cathederal of Notre Dame.

We arrived at around 09:00 - and there was a slight queue to get in - outside there were lots of tour groups being given a talk about the construction and location of the Cathederal.

Entering the Catherderal I was suprised at the number of people already inside - and the overall noise level. To be honest the Cathederal had more of a feel of a super-store which was having a sale - rather than a place of worship, and whilst it may be unfair to single out any one specific group of people - the Chinese visitors (and there were many) seemed to be the loudest, most rude and most ignorant - well done China 3 Gold Boo's from me.

The Catherderal however was quite beautiful inside, but compared with Rome - VERY SMALL indeed !!


Find the Tower

Although we could have taken a Metro to our next stop - we decided to walk, as I was hoping that a not so touristy place would prove to be worthwhile.


The place if the Palais de Luxembourg - about a 10 minute walk from Notre Dame.

Lunch Time

We needed a little re-fueling as we had not had breakfast at the hotel - mainly as I had not ordered it.

Outside the restaurant I thought was a typically french image...


Eiffle Tower

It had been growing bigger and bigger for about 30 minutes - but the magnificance of this tower still is quite breathtaking.


After this it was time to return to the hotel for a rest - this had taken us 6 hours of walking and our feet were starting to feel a little more than tired.