Paris Euro Disney

Getting to Disney

From our hotel in the 18th district of Paris, we took the Metro until we connected with the French local railway system the RER. Here we bought a return ticket to EuroDisney which for the two of us cost us €30. Despite it being rush-hour we were soon able to get a seat, and after about 20 minutes we emerged from various tunnels and cuttings to be able to see the outskirts of the Paris countryside.


The journey in total took just under an hour, and as we walked out of the train station there was probably a two-minute walk until we arrived at Disney.



To try and save a little money we had pre-booked our tickets, because we were visiting Disney off-peak we were able to purchase what is called a mini ticket (as in mini mouse) - we printed the tickets (eventually) at the hotel the night before, and simply presented them at the turnstile where they were scanned and we were allowed in with no fuss and no bother.


The Disney Experience

There can be no doubting that Disney has a well-defined product, Market and clientele-it certainly makes the most of all the opportunities to extract as many euros as possible from the visitors.


Park did not feel that big, and we were always able to move around with not too much of a crowd (please bear in mind however that this was low season).

Throughout the day though always ample staff to load of the rides properly and to deal with customer questions-in fact the staff at Disney were quite faultless - and the language skills were extremely impressive.


Bad things

It may seem harsh to criticise, we were not there with young children who were probably excited about seeing Mr X or Miss Y - but where you to go there in the hope that your daughter could meet the Princess only to find out that the princess was booked solid of the day - I suspect your day could've been soured.

We were not bothered about seeing the princess, but it would've been nice to have had a go on some of the slightly more fun park type of rides that Disney has - However three out of the five fun park rides were either closed or are experiencing technical difficulties. To have them were actually being rebuilt and they did not look as though there will be ready for the public for at least several weeks if not months.


Fun Rides

We started off with Pinocchio- a very gentle I'm rather dull experience, however I suspect those of you with small children would've enjoyed it.

Next came Indiana Jones at the Temple of doom, we didn't really know what we had let ourselves in for. The queue was a mere five minutes, and as we were being strapped into a small chariot - it occurred to me we were going to have a thrilling ride. It certainly did not disappoint - a full 360° loop coupled with sharp turns and swift drops make this quite a white knuckle ride. In fact this was the scariest ride in the whole park.

Another notable ride was buzz light-year - who happens to be one of my favourite Disney characters, so this review is probably a little biased. We queued outside for approximately five minutes, And then we went into a set of corridors with some very dull buzz light-year themes on the wall. I was starting to think that this was the whole attraction -and I have to say I was very disappointed. After about 10 minutes of shuffling down this corridor we were quickly dropped into to person chairs, had a safety bar placed upon us, and instructed to pick up the laser gun. We then spoke thoroughly fun few minutes going through and shooting the monsters helping buzz light-year, This was made more fun because we were able to rotate our chair at will.

Big Thunder Breakdown

Big thunder Mt, was going to be our last ride before we went to watch the parade. The queue time had decreased from 60 minutes to 20 minutes, and typically we were loaded at about 30 minutes! The ride we had seen from the river boat and it looked quite fun, indeed it started out very well.


About 30 to 40 seconds into the right however just as we were climbing a steep slope everything stopped. A few seconds later were told in French that there was a train ahead of us going a little slowly - sort of a British rail "the the Leaves on the track" type excuse. The second became minutes, and minutes started to add up. Then two Disney employees arrived to tell us that the ride had been closed, and they then carefully unloaded us and we had to walk back to where we started from. The internal structure of big thunder Mt was fun to walk-through, however it did at yet another ride failure onto an already extensive list.