Philippine Diving Dec 2014



Possibly the best dive for seeing Turtles I have ever been on. This was at 'Tongo Point' about 2 kms from Moalboal.


Just off the shore in Moalboal town 12 years ago - I was lucky to see a large fish ball. It obviously is quite a common thing in this area - as it seems to be always there. Twelve years and underwater photo technoloy has come a long way....

See the amazing bait-ball (literally 80m off the shore from the main bar/restaurant area in Moalnoal town).

Moal muck diving

Although not as famous by any means as Domuguete, the muck diving here was not at all. Of course not being afraid of rather large snakes also helps.

Domaguete muck diving

Possibly the #1 place in the world for muck-diving.

This was the beach directly outside our hotel.


We walked into the sea - finned for 20 meters over flat dull sand, and then went down a quite steep sandy slope.

Apo Island diving

Often talked about - and requiring a day at sea (which is even better) - I had a nice day at Apo. However turning up on your own, joining a group that has been together for several days is never a good start for a days diving.

At least I may see some Dolphins and Turtles.

Xmas EVe 2014

A Wonderful fun eve - best told in picture format.

Gallery pics here