Quriyat revisited

With the return of some very dear friends we used the National Day weekend to return to one of our favorite sites namely the area around Quriyat.

It is close to get too - but offers quite a wide range of activities - which cathing up on the news as well as relaxing high on our agenda we sped off from the rather plush Al-Bustan Palace Hotel - which was suitably bedecked in Omani national colours.

The trip there was quiet and un-eventful (not often you say that driving in Oman) - and we stopped and had a cuppa at the sea-front. The odour of Goats mixing in a rather sickly sweet manner with that of the sea air.

As we were heading out to explore - we came across a nice place for some bird watching....


Pandion haliaetus is a relativly common sight in Oman around the coast line, We spotted 2 during the day - but this one was a little easier to approach having just caught a nice looking fish.

What massive Talons !

I was aware that Ospresy have talons specially designed for grasping slippery fish - 2 toes forward and 2 toes back - but the physical size of their talons is quite frightening.


Yes the Osprey is sitting on a small football goal.


Varied birds

Not far from the Osprey on a small drying sand bank, a collections of Cororants, Herons and Turns were perched.


I am not sure what spooked them a few minutes later but they soon scattered into the sky.



Standing most still was a curlew - and thanks to the extra eyes in the car - as I did not see it until I had been directed at it.


As usual more images available