Road Trip

I was greeting with this site outside the villa...

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Road Trip

It should be easy on an island that measures 27 Kms long and 8 kms across to have a gentle drive around it... So we though when we collected the Dhaitsu I10 (If you so not know what this is - think of a very small box on wheels)

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With only 7 Petrol stations on the Island - finding one was the first order of the day. After squeezing in 210 Rupees into the car - we were all set.

Narrow Roads

Many years ago I used to live in Devon - a place synonymous with small narrow winding roads, that used to scare the tourists and were on great fun to the locals. Today it was my case to be worries ... narrow roads - and the National Bus company must employ really like trying to keep to a schedule.

The drive was simply breathtaking - the views and beaches are just amazing.

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We arrived in the middle of a seemingly never ending rush hour - and found a car parking space - only to find we had to go to the Post Office to buy a parking ticket. 10 Minutes later - in the wonderfully Air Conditioned Post Office - we purchased a picked $1.80 Usd for 4 hours parking. The ticket was a work of art... requiring you to circle the day, hour, year, day of the week and minute that you arrived.

Being legally parked we then embarked on a voyage of discovery around Victoria - which was frankly much less spectacular that the views of the coasts and mountains.

Hot, sweaty and hungry - we did surprisingly find time for some souvineers.


On the way to the North point, we stopped at Lucky House Chinese restaurant, where after a very pleasant lunch (and surprisingly cheap for the Seychelles) Juliet spied a Madagascan Fody (It sort of looks like a Robin) - well I had not seen one properly - so I set off in persuit. After several minutes I had managed a decent picture... As the Fody was about 20m above me - this was my best attempt.

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Mountain Roads

Very impressive road over the mountains, and bends after bends. In the sky you can spy Flying-Foxes and White-Tailed Tropical bird (they are on my photo list...) soaring. There are no wild mammals here - so Monkey avoidance etc was not necessary.

Eventually we descended to the coast...

Stunning Beaches

We now found even more lovely beaches

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