Roaring 20's Ball

Our penultimate day at sea was to culminate with the final formal event of the cruise. However before that started we had another fully packed day at sea.

Walk around the deck

At around 08:00 we went for our morning stroll, this felt a little earlier that usual, as the clocks had not gone back (for the first 3 days we got 25 hour days) - the TV in your stateroom reminds you of this each evening prior to going to bed.


20's Ball

As this was the final formal evening (in total there were 3 on our 7 night cruise), we (correctly) assumed that this was going to be the biggest one. Certainly people went to the most effort;

Getting ready

Dora trying to decide which to do first, drink champagne or get up !! fn

Having made her decision, Dora quickly sprang into action - appearing a few minutes later looking very 20's glam.


Main Deck Festivities

On the formal evenings, the main thoroughfare becomes awash with ship's photographers (who also double as the ship's dance company) - they are strategically positioned in the Grand Lounge and it's approaches - so you can try and avail of that special photo.

Of course memories like this do not come especially cheap - at aprox $26 per photo (you can choose which ones you like and do not like - so there is no obligation on your part). However business looked much brisker than usual.

These are my (somewhat cheaper) efforts.


A quite striking fresco in the Grand Lounge ceiling.


Dora looking very lovely.


Richard our table waiter

The crew has an amazingly high number of Filipinos on board. Which was really nice to see. They were all very attentive and helpful - none more so that our table waiter Richard.

In total there were just 1 Filipino passenger as a guest (2 others being Naturalised Americans) - but the crew were ever so happy to see, chat and joke with us whenever possible.


Vic and Judy

The smashing couple seated next to us were Vic and Judy, who had been cruising on Cunard for the past 12 years and were not only great company but a great source of information.





As Vic would often comment - "I will wait until I am old until we do that" ... a lovely attitude.

Evening Meal

As this was the last formal evening, it was fitting it was also the most sumptuous evening meal. With a choices like

  • Caviar
  • Fois Gra

Followed by

  • Lobster
  • Beef Wellington

And finally

  • Baked Alaska

It was a splendid effort by all of the ships crew.

So with the band playing the Radetsky March, the 168 chefs !! and 82 kitchen assistants did a lap of honour in our dining area. Yet again 80% must have been Filipinos.


Before retiring

After dining we carried on enjoying the evening in the Queens Room, where the 20's ball and the big band were. We also sampled the in-house band who were playing some 60/70's music in the adjoining room.



There are some more photos including these in the gallery