RSPB Saltholme

RSPB Salthome

It came as quite a surprise to find out that there is an RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) sanctuary sitting in the middle of Teeside/Tees-Port.

Why ?

The whole area looks like some evil scientists chemical lab - with countless towers belching steam/smoke - pipes litter the scenary - plus the Nuclear power-station some 5 kms down the road. Hardly the place to go wildlife spotting eh ?

Well - you would be very wrong. So Dora the Bird watching Explorer and I headed there this morning - so see what was going on.

Who was here ?

I do not condone vandalism, but this morning I made a slight exception.


It was rather chilly to say the least.


The Walks

There are at least 6 seperate walks which depending upon the time of year would yield a different set of birds. Never having been there, and despite the bracing weather we did more of a walk with some bird-watching.


You must be Quackers

With some excellent hides it was really easy to get close to some of the birds life. In fact this brace of duck were doing a good comedy act of showing how to walk on ice.


Countless other birds were there - but as I had not packed "the big lense" - some were too far away to see.


An excellent day out - highly recommended.