Off to a Ham Radio Shop

Huh ? Where are we ???


We always try and swing past a Ham radio shop when were are on or travels; Even in the US these shops are becoming fewer and fewer apart, as internet shopping slowly kills these businesses.

However we managed to get to HRO in Salem, NH - and I picked up a few bits and bobs.

We were rushing all morning as it had been raining heavily when we were driving, and we were trying to get to Gloucster, MA so go whale watching at 13:00

Gloucster, 7-Seas Whale Watching

We arrive with 55 minutes to spare, and despite getting a little lost in the one way system around the town, found a free parking spot (not easy); All excited we walked to the ticket booth, which was advertising a trip today for 13:00, only to be told no trips until Saturday.

This was really annoying as we had been traveling for nearly 4 hours to get here, and their web site ("updated daily"), was still saying the trips were ok.

The only course for regress alas is social media - and suitably negative reports were posted. I only hope it helps some other travellers like ourselves.

The problem now was what to do for the rest of the day....

Haloween, Salem .... do the maths ? Yes time to go and see the famous Witch trail capital of the modern world.

Salem, MA

Please note - there are 2 Salems, in adjoining States, separated by about 40 miles which in US terms is next to each other... But we were in spooky Salem - that is in Massachusetts.

Once again a nasty one-way system, and a lack of visible parking (they really are taking the New-England concepts from England too much too heart) meant we did a couple of laps of the town. But again managed to find someplace.

Rather stumbling around, we came across a Witches Dungeon Museum, which rather fitted the bill. It was really well done.


For 25 minutes you had actors doing exact word for word re-enactments of the Salem witches trial. With little pauses from an "interpreter" to highlight what the significance of what was being said.


The main issue was one of "temporal evidence" - that mark is the sign of the devil, or when I see you I am afflicted. This coupled with good old fashioned basic greed resulted in 22 people being hung, 4 starving to death in prison, and over 150 imprisoned in very unpleasant circumstances.

Plus Side ?

The only good things possibly about the Salem trials was the concept that physical evidence was now needed for court proceedings, and that the "temporal evidence" was now debunked.

Sea Side Tour

We went down to the sea ... and enjoyed a very fresh sea-food meal.


A couple of nice looking birds ....




There are some more photos including these in the gallery.