SC Day 1

It's time for a break

Our summer holiday seems a long long way away, and despite having a short but very enjoyable Break at Christmas a few days to charge our batteries seems in order. The only problem is- where to go?

The decision where to go has been made a little easier by sub contracting the choice to Juliet! And so I write this NA very pleasant room, approximately 60 m away from the Indian Ocean whilst sitting on a small island off the coast of Africa. The expression “you just booked somewhere” was taken literally - not that I am complaining.

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We are on the island of my Mahe, just about at its southern point staying in a hotel called Chez Batista.

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The short flight from Abu Dhabi unfortunately had a stopover 140% longer than the flying time - so door-to-door Muscat to Mahe took 16 hours - that was on top of the days work as well !! I think that some of the Europeans had a far easier Journey here.

We have done little today apart from sleep and have some excellent sea food, we did meet some of the locals and the pictures follow.


Just some critters we spotted around the place.... I am working on the Flying-Fox pictures.

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Wow !! I know you have seen photo's of them from the Seychelles but literally on the doorstep is an amazing beach - we rather mis-timed the walk as we had to share the beach with the rising tide.

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More to follow.

A Gallery with more photo's plus these is available at Gallery