Day 4

After an amazingly busy day 3 (Sorry no post yet - it will arrive one day I promise), we are trying to have a quiet day.

When I say trying - I mean we got up at 0700, and went for a hours walk to try and get photos of the wildlife we have not been able to see;

Rush Hour

I think it is fair to say that the Seychelles has a relaxed attitude to most things, in fact it is something that the locals seem very proud of "this place, is for relaxing" - I have heard several times.

So it was not surprising that druring our time out walking we saw only 2 vehicles - the place was literally still sleeping.

Good Eyes

It is always a little annoying when you show someone a skill (or item), and instantly they become so much better than you at it !! Today Juliet saw every bird / mammal at least 10 seconds before me (maybe as it was too early) - She was just saying "XYZ, mid tree " and was even indicating - sort of a hyped up Springer Spaniel.

But thanks to her eyes - we now got a better image of the Madagascan Fody.

alt text

And the rather poor image of a Seychelles Sun-Bird

alt text

Is it a bird ? or a plane ...

No it's a Bat-Man - sorry poor joke.

The island is full of Flying Foxes, also know as a very large bat. Which rather surprisingly flies around in the day, and seems to fly over the sea quite a lot. Just what they eat (I was assuming fruit) I have no idea.

They are not the easiest of things to photograph - but early in the morning we managed to find 2 places where they were nesting - I mean hanging around (ha ha ?).

alt textalt textalt text

Previous Sunset

The night before I toiled quite hard to get some sun-sets photos. Alas no tri-pod makes things more difficult - the humidity was incredibly oppressive - as the skies opened about 20 minutes after these were taken.

alt textalt text

Some people of course - sat in the restaurant - and just watched !!

alt text