Shopping Day

Shopping Day


We had always planned a day at a shopping park, and as we were on a circular tour back towards New York, Woodbury Common Premium Outlets seemed the logical place to go.

The day previously we got ourselves within 60 miles of the place, which is up-state New York. This meant a simple easy drive.

It was a lovely day as we pulled into a massive car-park. We picked a parking line, opposite "The Disney Store" (easy to remember) and then boldly went forth.

Keeping up with Dora

Dora, it seems had been studying the map of where to go, for some time. She obviously had a little agenda.

The first two shops went smoothly, and as we progressed through the 'blue' section of the shopping park - we now entered the 'red' section.

Shopping is not my favourite of experiences, and after 90 minutes the smile on my face was starting to pain probably us both. So I found a chair in the sun, sat down - oh look a badly secured wifi, and amused myself.

Watch time

After about an hour, I went to a little walk to the Breitling shop, which I did not expect to find. They are not my type of watch, as they are a little too glitzy, but their sea-dweller range looked interesting. The salesmen troy told me this and that - the cost $5,200 !!

As I met up with Juliet, I went to check the price of the same watch on-line. You can buy it new - 6 year warranty for $3,250. Shame on you troy, for trying to trick me.

However I think that is the issue in these types of places - yes there are some deals - end of line t-shirts etc, but high value items Watches, Burberry, Bose are not the bargain you think.

Overall experience

Dora had a great time. She had 6 hours 30 mins of shopping, and whilst you may shudder at the thought of what she may have bought - she was quite responsible.

Would I travel from New York City to this place ? There are lots of tours available for sure - me personally, Dora .... she has booked her place already.