Smithstonian Zooological Park

As I had dragged a large camera and some even larger and heavier lenses with me - not surprisingly I had lost something - an eyepiece from the Camera. But not all was lost as there was a very good camera shop listed on Google - and close by was the Smithstonian Zoological Park. It looked a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Embassy Camera

What a great shop with a good Web Site, and easy location (Metro to Dupoint Circle on the Red line then a 5 min walk up Constitution heading towards the National Zoo) - the staff were bright, helpful and very knowledgeable. I was sorted out within minutes; Juliet had spotted a chinese restaurant next door - so she too was happy.

After a rather too filling lunch we headed up the road to the Smithstonian.


A walk on the wild side

The park was an open air set of enclosures, which felt far less claustraphobic than most animal enclosures, with great infomation boards, and easy walking - the whole expierience was very well laid out.

I will make this more of a photo montage. All photos were taken using a Nikon D600 and a 200-500 F5.6 Lense.

What a great day out !! And it was free.

Spotted CatBeaverBald EaglePanda2Panda3

Bye bye DC

We have had a great time in the capital but we move on tomorrow morning. however More images are available.