Thayne, Wy

Grand Canyon to Thayne, Wy

After having a smashing day out on the Grand Canyon, we spent the rest of the afternoon travelling North towards Salt Lake City, UT.

Our route co-incided with the route we had used to get to Las Vegas - so we had to drive over 20 miles on the same road !! The only duplication I think in this years trip so far.

The trip was quite easy - just a long way.


After a good evenings rest - and the best breakfast on the road since leaving Washington (Best Western, Layton,UT - thank you) we then headed closer to Jackson.

The scenary was great - the conditions with strong winds and rain less so.

We did plan on staying at Montpellier - famous for being robbed by Butch Cassidy it seems - alas if he returned today he would only find Thrift stores. We were so un-impressed we carried on to Thayne, Wy where we found a small cabin by a stream.


Testing out our warm clothing

Whilst overlooking Bear Lake - we decided it was timeto make sure we were not going to freeze to death - as the North Face fleeces were not keeping us warm.


Having convinced ourselves that we are not going to perish (and I will not be wearing shorts until we return to Virginia) - we carried on.

Bear Lake National Wildlife Reserve

Despite hoping to get to see lots of Wildlife in Yellowstone & Grand Tetons, took ourselves off to a National wildlife reserve at the top of Beak Lake.

Initially it was not looking promising - but we lucked on a few animals.


Now just what a Pelican is doing in Wyoming I have no clue - but it was not alone. After 5 minutes of research this is actually an American white pelican.


Not the most aerodynamic of birds - but fun to watch when they were catching fish.


Alas I an not 100% sure if this is, I think it is a Gyrfalcon or a Prarie Falcon. It was initially feeding just 20 meters from the dirt road - but I backed the car up a little to get a better view, and the bird flew away so it was aprox 50 meters away (this is the reason you buy full frame camera's with decent lenses).


Northern Flicker

This took a little work to identify - but it is a type of Woodpecker.


American Kestrel

Another long range picture


Cheecky Swallows



When it seemed like there was no hope for anthing large to spot - juliet noticed"2 cows" - I thought "Umm - not very cow shaped".... and just standing there were 2 elk.


I'm no Turkey

As we were heading out of the reserve - I noticed a group of crows being scared off a dead rabbit.

This is a Turkey Vulture. jp1jp1