Tokyo Dancers

Tokyo Dancing festival

"yosakoi is one of the more flexible Japanese dance forms with teams incorporating contemporary fashion, hairstyles, costumes and dance moves into the traditional art form." ... No that did not mean much to me also, so we headed out to see what the fuss, I mean dance was all about.

I will try and split the photo's into different "teams"/groups - however 90% of them cunningly changed outfits in the middle of the performance...

All images taken by me - enjoy.

Initial Group

We had spent about 20 minutes trying to find the location - which did not appear in Google Maps - mainly as it had been shortened from XXXXXXXX YYYY Street to YYYY Street (sorry I forget the street names) - g


They seem to be in all ages, shapes and sizes. We spotted some very young (under 10), and more mature - some teams seemed to be high school or University ages - others seemed to be adults.


Predicting the Motion

These dances, were not predictable in terms of repetition - this next shot is a deliberate blur (as are a few towards the end).


Team Pom-Pom


One of the more mature dancers - but by no means any less graceful. Well done !!


Stylish and graceful

This next team, was very polished indeed. Not much shouting (if any) - but great costumes, with a good chorographer.


Something more Vocal ?

There was lots of shouting from the teams - just what they were saying - I am sorry I have no clue at all.


Going one way ... fn

And then then the other !


As I think you can see - everyone seemed to have a great time.

Team Umbrella

This clever team did some nice umbrella work - which was becoming slightly more necessary as it was lightly raining at the time.


Youthful and Bouncy

Another different style - they started off with some martial arts type of jumps.Great costumes and energy.

The images have been deliberately blurred using a slow shutter speed, which worked a little better than I had hoped.


Assassins Creed

They started off looking like Assigns Creed


The Hat ladies

This was the only team we saw, where the female dancers removed their hats in the performance.

Very stylish and polish they were too .... Maybe because of the grumpy man who was following them ??


Who is this ?

The only really scary looking character we saw - more impressive as he was dancing in wooden clogs.



Each team had a set of flag wavers - who must be strong men, as there were big flags which they waved enthusiastically around. fn

Costume Changed

Same performer - same dance - different costumes - all very clever.


Many thanks

This was a great spectacle to see - right in front of your face.

A very memorable day out.

Images taken - 550 !! The most for a day ever!.