Tokyo White Heron Festival

A November day in Tokyo

With a weeks work over and done, we wanted to explore the city.

This is our photo montage

Tokyo Tower

We started the day off at Tokyo tower, and sorry to say the park - was very disappointing. Yes it had a few trees - but it had far more cement and concrete.



There were some nice temples - this is one of them.


There was some form of art/music show going on at this place - which lent gave the area a nice carnival atmosphere.

Senso Ji Temple

Dora, had visited this earlier in the week with her relatives - so she was the guide for a change.


Amazingly there seemed to be plenty of local ladies dressed very traditionally. Thinking that they would not like their photos taken, I quietly shot this as these two ladies were walking.

Just ask - it seemed that they ladies were happier if my wife asked them for a photo than for me - but I do not think they will be offended.

There are lots of things to see at this site - however it is is very very busy.


People visit the temple and ask for their fortune, this is what you do if you do not like the prediction.....


This was the view from the top of the temple looking back towards the metro station.


In the distance we would hear some drums, and some cymbals - they sounded as they were getting closer....

Shirasagi-no Mai, WHite Heron dance

We happened to be standing in the main temple, as the "White Heron Dance" approached. This was total luck; And for once I was packing some of my lenses, and not using the super east Fuji camera, I have recently tended to use.

The Guardians

These are the old and the young guardians.


They are guarding - the white storks.... who "run" into the temple. Actually they walk - probably due to the very large head-dress they are wearing.

After bowing - they entourage leaves the temple....


Even the police were trying to get a better view ...


The Dance gets ready

Around a small circle the 'Herons' and guarded (young and old), as well have a "feeder"... Plus a male cheerleader (old man waving a stick) .... And there is some music.


The young guardians look on with interest


The "Herons" all look very composed.... and elegant.

The Dance

I hope these photos portal some of the grace, class and amazing diversity that Japan has to offer.


The "Herons" are now being fed - in this scene. After the dance - there was a rush to pick up these pieces of paper ... Blessings/Luck ?? I have no clue.

The dance continued, with the Herons taking off and "flying"


Exit the Band

Being push by 4 or 5 elderly gentlemen, the band, was wheeled back to their starting point as the Storks marched ahead.


Lets Take Photos !!

Not me - everyone else it seems.

These ladies - really brought a smile to everyone's day, they looked very stylish.


A family day out ....


With Friends


Making new friends


Remembering the day fn

Super smiling lady - looking very elegant