Welcome to Rome


The flight from Muscat to Dubai was smooth and quick. Dubai looked very impressibe in the early evening.


The 6 hour stop over was also just about passable in the most excellent Terminal 1 - and at 0330 our 777-300 lifted off to Italy.


A faily quiet flight - in which I managed to get some sleep - which for me is a very pleasant change.

Touchdown in Rome - there must have been an immigration queue of at least 2,000 people. Juliet having expierienced this the year before in Milan - quickly started moving through the queue. I was spared this, as the EU queue had only 20 people in it. Instead I waited 1 hour for the baggage to arrive.

Buying train tickets for E14 each (1st class) we were soon shivering on the platform - as the weather here is not like Middle East weather (I am glad to say). On time we departed, and arrived on time. A very nice way to get into the City.

We have just arrived at the hotel - and after 20 hours of travelling we are waiting for the room to be released.


The Hotel is called '''The Duke''' - it is not in a very central location - but it is very pleasantly furnished and staffed. So far we have been very impressed indeed.

After a few minutes rest (ok maybe 50) we headed out to get our bearings, and probptly got lost. To try and make up some lost time - we bought a day's travel pass and jumped on a tram - only to get more lost.


All Rome trains seem to be heavily vandalised both inside and outside.

Eventually we sorted things out and we had a pleasant afternoon seeing some of the sights in rather chilly weather.

A few more pics

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