Wetland Park Take 2

With a special Christmas guest, we headed out to see some of our favorite sights here in HK. The Wetland park is my current favorite place.

Rockskipper / Blenny

I can not ever remember having seen so many of these animals in one place before (or did I not look that closely ?).

They are rather aggressive to each other on land.


Kingfisher 1

From the first hide where we had expected to see Spoonbills, all was quiet except a solitary bird. A nice Pied Kingfisher.


Kingfisher 2

Moving to the next hide, this Kingfisher was around sitting on top of a pole. This is a White Throated Kingfisher.


To keep us entertained a small wabler ? went shopping for a snack.


Walking through the butterfly gardens, whilst the hordes of photographers were chasing a humming bird, we spied this Red-whiskered bulbul.


As we were in the butterfly garden. This seemed appropriate.



At the 3rd hide, we caught up with the Black faced Spoonbills, amongst some other common for HK birds.



As if round off my Kingfisher day, here are 3 sitting on the same pile of branches in the river.

All are Pied Kingfishers.



Under the water Lilly's lurk some fish, with a turtle enjoying the sun.


Crested Serpent Eagle

High in the sky, circled a large raptor. These are difficult to identify in real-time, but on reaching home with looks 100% like a Crested Serpent Eagle - which is apparently common in these parts.



Camera: Nikon D600 Lense: Nikon 300-500 F5.6 Tele-converor: Nikon F1.7

Only some images were using the tele-convertor as it yields an F8 700mm lens.