call data record names

To try and assist me in understanding which CDR abbreviation relates to what....

TelCo Name 3gpp Name Description Protocol
S-CDR SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node, The SGSN performs the same functions as the MSC for voice traffic. Voice
G-CDR GGSN Gateway GPRS support node Data
eG-CDR Enhanced GGSN CDRs Data
M-CDR Mobility CDRs
S-SMO-CDR Mobile originated SMS CDR
S-SMT-CDR Mobile terminated SMS CDR
LCS-MO-CDR Mobile orientated location request CDR
LCS-MT-CDR Mobile terminated location request CDR
LCS_NI-CDR Network location request CDR
SGW-CDR Serving Gateway
PGW-CDR Packet Data Network Gateway