cognos and data

The Data is pulled from 2 sets of tables

a VQ and a RPT

Depending if a Single Entity or a Linked Entity.

The Initial Queries are executed in Cognos.... these can be viewed in the Cognos browser.

Assuming that something is not working or incorrect....

  • Check the SQL in Cognos
  • Run the SQL in DataStudio

If you think there is a lookup missing (recently Association type) for example.

What goes on

When you do a Query... Cognos produces 2 reports

  • vq
  • link (or ent)

VQ Report

This report is used to generate the initial overview screen.

It also however writes the data into a temporary table (OW_RPT) - you can identify this table as it has SET_ID in it.

The Set_Id value is what you need to specify in the GUID field when using Cognos.

You may have to press Page Down/Page up to see the data

Link Report

You can try and Open this in Cognos but - it will not give you any data.

Why ? I2 is expecting the data to be rerurned as an XML data stream.

You can see the headers that this report produces by taking the run with options from the cognos menu (it looks like an Play key from a video recorder).