db2 debugging

ssh db2inst1@pdoa

Debugging a Query

  db2top -d  EIA_OW

   i (shows the sessions)

   a (get the agent number)

   x (

For the queires

  • e means edge (the link)

When you are looking at the output of the query - the output called TQ basically means something bad is happening.

This can be opened up in DataStudie


This can also explain the cost of the query


This maps the Fields - this is in the i2a /opt/IBM/i2analizy/toolkits/configuration/fragments/cognosconnector/WEB_INF/classes

PDOA Db Owner

The original owner of the db was bcuaix password change1me

Stored Procedures

Have a look in EIA_OW.OW_RPT -> StoredProcedure

You may need to alter 3 Stored Procedures, CREATE_


There is a pruning StoredProcedure called PRUNE_RESULTS_P that currently runs every 15 mins - this can be cnaged should we need to do this also.


A0 ?