MM - Media Convertor

Initial Setup and test

Before I try and get a diode (1 way data transfer) working , I want to ensure that my media convertors are functioning correctly.

We need the following items.

Item Quantity Purpose
Linux Box 2 Host computers which send the data files
Media Convertors 2 Black Boxes
Cat 5 Cable 2 Connect Linux machines to Media Convertors
Fibre Optic cable 1 To link the 2 Media Converters


As the machines will have a CAT-5 Connection to the media convertors - You need to allocate an IP address to each machine.

IP Addressing

I used the following settings

Server IP
Low Side
High Side


I connected the equipment like this

Linux to Media convertor - using Cat 5
Media Convertor to Media Convertor using Fibro Optic cable - Swap the TX/RX over So TX from Media Convertor #1 goes into RX in Media Convertor #2.



Do a simple ping.


Data Transfer

Create a file and do scp

At this point we have verified the end to end communications of the device.

Add 3rd Media Convertor

AS a Diode is a one way connection, we in theory can unplug the RX on the low side ... so it can not receive traffic from the inside (high) side of the network. But there is an issue with this - in order for an Ethernet network to be functional with Network card needs to see a RX Signal.

To overcome this - we add another media convertor.

We now use the TX from the middle to the RX on the LOW Side (CHECK THIS)