Clear the data out from the System

Stage 1 to Stage 2

This stage creates entities and links

Stage2 to OW

Dependant on the OW - so this gets done against the OW (as it needs the EIA_COMMON_KEY

Data Stage Director

When you click run you need to select the folder

We need to Run Batch0 - data Files.

So pick CDR-Batch0 to start with.

Db Checks

Look at writing SQL to understand where the data is and how it is all related. This could mean a large SQL Query - but this would make the comparison able to be automated.


OW_LNK.EDGES_R this is the table used by the find path algorithm.

The EDGE_DATE is used to partition the data storage.

If we need to improve performace of the system then we can add our own partition rules.

ReF Codes

SOURCE Value - means what we Load at Stage 0 OWVALUE - this is that gets Stored UIVALUE - What Cognos export