Elecraft P3 Panadapter

I just took delivery of an Elecraft P3 panadapter. For the past 2 hours I have been playing with it - trying to get used to the facilities it has to offer.

Being naturally curious - I want to try and get as much automation working in the device as possible - so I was looking at programming the function Keys....

And looking... and looking...

After a little while I finally figured it out

Assign FN1 to Scope Width +/-10 Khz

Lets have a fairly wide view of the band...


  • k3 / rig powered on
  • p3 powered on
  • recent firmware installed

Adjust out Scope Span to +/-10 Khz

Press the following keystrokes

  • SPAN (tap)
  • Turn the SELECT knob so you see the +10.0 in the top right hand side of the screen (-10.0 will also be in the top left hand side)
  • SPAN (tap)

At this point we have set the Scope width to the level we want.

Set this setting to FN1

Press the following keystrokes

  • MENU (tap)
  • Turn the SELECT knob so you see "Span Set" in the middle line.
  • FN1 (tap)
  • MENU (tap)

My Settings

Key Setting
FN1 Scope Width +/- 3.5 Khz
FN2 Scope Width +/- 10 Khz
FN3 Scope Width +/- 20 Khz
FN4 Scope Width +/- 25.5 Khz
FN5 Knob Tap (QSY)
FN6 Fixed Mode
FN7 Waterfall Size
FN8 Unused !!

I hope that helps.....