eth on ubuntu

Use 16.03.4 and Nothing else.

The AMD Drivers are VERY VERY VERY Version specific. And despite converting the packages from this to that ... I could not get anything else to see the AMD Packages.


ASUS Z270-A Prime

I hate this motherboard.... after 6 weeks I finally got it working with

And for future victims of this board, I figured it out!

Set everything to gen2 but PCI-E. Leave that at auto Enable 4g Disable onboard audio Make sure your stupid USB drive is 3.0 or use a SSD.


I currently have

  • Radeon RX580

Check If GPU Software in installed

Use this command

dpkg -l amdgpu-pro

I see

dpkg-query: no packages found matching amdgpu-pro

To get the drivers, I do the following.

Open the AMD Web Page And I manually select the package I need.

I pick on the web site

  • Desktop Graphics
  • Radeon RX Series
  • Radeon RX5xx
  • Ubuntu x86_64

I download the link, it is 500Mb

Now expand it using

tar xf archive.tar.xz


Use the PPA (it works for 16.03 but not 17)

apt-get install git cmake
mkdir ethermin
cd ethermin
git clone .
mkdir build
cd build


Before we get carried away with the Mining - lets try this

ethminer -U -M --benchmark-warmup 30

Add User to the video card group

usermod -a -G video tim

Test Hash rate

ethminer -G -M --opencl-device 0

Show the devices

ethminer  --list-devices

I see something like this (only 1 Card)

[OPENCL]:Using device: Ellesmere(OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (2482.3))
[OPENCL]:Printing program log
[OPENCL]:Creating one big buffer for the DAG
[OPENCL]:Loading single big chunk kernels
[OPENCL]:Mapping one big chunk.
[OPENCL]:Creating buffer for header.
[OPENCL]:Creating mining buffer 0
[OPENCL]:Creating mining buffer 1
Trial 2... 22806528
Trial 3... 22806528
Trial 4... 22806528
Trial 5... 22806528
min/mean/max: 12845056/20814233/22806528 H/s
inner mean: 7602176 H/s

A longer test would be

sudo ethminer -G -M  --benchmark-warmup  10 --benchmark-trial 10 --benchmark-trials 4 --opencl-device 1

Create Eth Account

apt-get install geth geth account new *18* etc

My account id is (Dec 2017)


Show the Account

 geth account list

Set the eth for mining

We need to tell eth up for mining

geth --mine --minerthreads=4
geth start

See you Hashrate

Although you can see this from the ethminer command output here also works

 geth console

Ketstore Value

This is my Keystore value


Check your account

geth console

If you see True, the account is Ok. We can double check this by


and I see "Unlocked"

Sync the BlockChain

This seems to be the recommendation.

geth --fast --cache=2048

Show the Account balance

geth console
Now you are in geth console and paste
0 - represents first account

Joining a pool

ethminer -G --opencl-device 0  -F{1b2fa7465d979aff875d1d406cec7cd9f35ba6de}
for a in $(seq 0 1)
sudo ethminer -G --opencl-device $a-F

Run Multiple Cards

This seems to work.... 30 Mh/s

sudo ethminer -G  -F --opencl-device 0,1 -t 2 -v 9

Check the pool

Make sure the url request is ok

curl -s -I{1b2fa7465d979aff875d1d406cec7cd9f35ba6de}.20| head -1

And I see

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Check Progress

miner  21:42:45.946|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35534382 H/s = 29884416 hashes / 0.841 s
miner  21:42:46.776|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35416318 H/s = 29360128 hashes / 0.829 s
miner  21:42:47.620|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35450078 H/s = 29884416 hashes / 0.843 s
miner  21:42:48.456|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35119770 H/s = 29360128 hashes / 0.836 s
miner  21:42:49.296|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35576685 H/s = 29884416 hashes / 0.84 s
 miner  21:42:50.136|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 34994193 H/s = 29360128 hashes / 0.839 s
miner  21:42:50.976|ethminer  Mining on PoWhash #7e89b41c… : 35619089 H/s = 29884416 hashes / 0.839 s
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer  Solution found; Submitting to ...
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Nonce: 484931379456abc5
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Mixhash: ac108034f8e5f5c77b9939721d9e37359eda55d1a993daba83411db8601a30bb
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Header-hash: 7e89b41c6013ee32deb1aa6661a692575c314f1ce99b52d7d142fa219c068299
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Seedhash: 9d2e3fc27256471aefd0ac060863e72fa7ca01ae239f872242f7c9797c1eb775
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Target: 0000000225c17d04dad2965cc5a02a23e254c0c3f75d9178046aeb27ce1ca574
  ℹ  21:42:51.816|ethminer    Ethash: 00000001d2c312308c5de79092a71237548da2d0d75c191c5da3a1a3af280cdc
  ℹ  21:42:51.997|ethminer  B-) Submitted and accepted.
miner  21:42:51.997|ethminer  Getting work package...

GPU Utilities

You should install the following packages also

  • lm-sensors
  • fancontrol


To see the GPU states


I get

```text coretemp-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter Package id 0: +36.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C) Core 0: +35.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C) Core 1: +36.0°C (high = +80.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)

amdgpu-pci-0100 Adapter: PCI adapter fan1: 2212 RPM temp1: +72.0°C (crit = +0.0°C, hyst = +0.0°C)

asus-isa-0000 Adapter: ISA adapter cpu_fan: 0 RPM

amdgpu-pci-0300 Adapter: PCI adapter fan1: 1388 RPM temp1: +71.0°C (crit = +0.0°C, hyst = +0.0°C) ```

How To Import A Private Key Into Go Ethereum (geth)

To import a private key using geth:

Create a text file containing your private key

$ more privatekey

Execute geth to import your private key

$ geth account import privatekey 
Your new account is locked with a password. Please give a password. Do not forget this password.
Repeat passphrase: 
Address: {c2d7cf95645d33006175b78989035c7c9061d3f9}

Remember to delete the text file containing your private key

$ rm privateky

New Geth Account

My Public Wallet is now