ft-9 mode

K3-S setup

General Tab from WSJX

  • Double-click on calls sets Tx enabled (this will automatically send your first message to the station, as soon as your “turn” comes around)

  • Disable Tx after sending 73 (this will automatically disable transmitting after 73 has been sent and return you to Monitor mode)

  • Decoded Text Font… (Not necessary, but my personal preference.I have Andale Mono Slashed installed in Windows and prefer its slashed zeros differentiated from “O”s in callsigns)

  • Click OK to save

Radio Tab From WSJX
  • Rig: Choose Elecraft K3/KX3.
  • Serial Port: Enter Com # from step #1 above
  • Baud Rate set to 38400
  • Check “Cat” for PTT method
  • Mode set to “Data/Pkt” DO NOT FORGET

Click OK to save

Audio Tab from WSJX
  • This was actually one of the hardest parts of the software setup because both of these values will vary depending on the number of “Physical”, USB and/or “Virtual” sound devices Windows recognizes for your computer

  • Sound Card Settings

    • Input: K3 Mac Audio

    - Output: K3 Max Audio

    • Click OK to Save
Mac Audio

On the Mac


On the K3-S

  • Mode: Data
  • DATA MD: Data A
  • MIC (Should be Line in when you turn) : set to 25

    Press And Hold METER

    You want Menu which shows ALC when you see you are set


Press Tune

On K3-S

Adjust Mic(Line In) Level so 4 bars of ALC