i2 for dummies


I2 is based around

  • Entities
  • Real World Object (usually)
  • Links
  • Friend of
  • Associate of
  • Knows
  • Lives at
  • Visits
  • Properties
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position

"Ball Of String"

Sometimes data can be too complex - and it needs to be displayed in a different format - this is done using layouts

These can be

  • Oraganisation
  • Peacock
  • Association
  • Timeline (Temporal)
  • Telephone Analysis
  • Filters and Associations
  • Date Time
  • Day of week
  • Copy to new Chart
  • Fitering
  • As Timeline
  • Activity View
  • Gantt Chart type view
  • Useful with CDR (With Call Start-End)
  • Geospacial
  • Basic connectivity is there
  • ESRI Connector
  • Needs public ESRI service


This is not just the same as a database schema - it is the I2 way of joining Entities, Links and Properties.


This is like Excel - it stores data in a chart. It does not use any other data storage technology.


This is how to store data on the Laptop for I2


OMG that does not seem like a good idea

But if you can/want/need to add data manually you can - you can do

Steps Blank Chart Pallet * Drag Item to Chart Surface


Ad-Doc import, data typically in CSV format


  • Blank Chart
  • New SPeification
  • Choose CSV File
  • Create new Specification
    • Manipulate the data
      • Remove Colum Headers
      • Add/Perform Column Functinality
      • Use Another CSV file F,Father ... M,Mother etc Do substitution
    • Associate
    • People -> People
    • Identity ?
      • Drag ID1 to People 1
      • Drag ID2 to People 2
      • Drag Type-Of-Relationship to Relationship
      • You can Specify the Direction of the datatype
    • Save
      • Import the data


This allows us to connect to a Data Store - in the Full system it will be EIA

  • Connect
  • Local Intelligence Portal

Local Intelligence Portal

A nice way to search your private Intelligence Portal.

It allows you to see what objects are in the AR (Analyst Repository)

You can create data - Manually Select the records - and Local Analyst Repository -> Add to Set

Create Alert

You can Create an alert on a Set

Alerts can be on change item detected * new links to the item


Local Analyst Repository


Operational Warehouse

Raw data - a place where we we can group data together.


Vetted/Curated Intelligence

Place where you store Analyst Notebook Charts.

AR also feeds the OW

Data Recuction

Redaction of data




Conditional Formatting

Create a set of rules - that change how things are displayed when shown on a notebook

Identity Insight

This is now part of I2 Analyst Notebook.

Slight differences between I2AN and II

II is generally Person Centric it is possibly Entity agnostic - however it is optimised for people.

II is a recommendation engine;

D30 Ammunition

Deterministic matching at scale !! Each record causes all records to be re-evaluated (unless they are in the AR).

Degress of Seperation

You can specify how many degrees of seperation that your targets can be - and also specify the strength of the relationship.

These find using Degrees of Seperation - can then be used to generate Alerts.

Discovery of Relationships

Two twpes

Solid Line = Explicit match Dashed = Fuzzy Match


  • Notebook - Visualize 20k records
  • AR - 100 Million
  • PDOA -

Response time <5 sec II 300-500 milli second to compare across all.


Dev Essentials i2 Analyze Github

Analyst Notebook SDK - C#/VB/net Dev Essentials - Java New Web Client - HTML5/Javascript