ii from scratch

I want to build a new II Server - so I can try and understand/implement some rules on it.

New Machine

I built a RHEL 7.3 machine - AS Gui with Basic Development software

I gave the machine 50Gb of disk space and 4Gb of Memory.

To this machine I then added

  • a share folder to the host machine
  • modified the user tim to be part of VBox group

Install DB2

I have DB2 from the IBM Software Repository login. So to on the RHEL machine I do the following

vi /etc/selinux/config

Lower the SELINUX Settings - and reboot the machine.

  • cp /media/sf_Drive/Download/ /tmp
  • cd /tmp
  • gunzip DB2INST.tar.gz
  • tar -xvf DB2
  • cd server_

Check the Prerequisites


I then installed a few packages

yum install



You go through an Ecipse front end - to do the install.

Set the passwords of the priv accounts and thats it.

Post Install

su db2inst1

You now have a db to play with

DB2 Client

This is needed by II - so repeast the db2setup scroll down and choose Db2Client.

IBM Installation Manager

To make our lives easier we will use the IBM Instalation Manager. I downloaded (free) agent.installer.linux.gtk.x86_64_1.8.7000.20170706_2137.zip

Unzip this and Install it (as root)

This installs a copy of Eclipse - it can be accessed from


Infosphere WebSphere

II uses a Web interface to configure the database and the environment. So (unfortunatly) we need to install this also.

I downloaded 3 files from Passport Advantage


I then copied and extracted them

cp WAS*.zip /tmp
cd /tmp
unzip WAS_ND_V8.5_1_OF_3.zip
unzip WAS_ND_V8.5_2_OF_3.zip
unzip WAS_ND_V8.5_3_OF_3.zip

Now run InstallationManager (as root)


Here you choose

  • Repository
    • Browse
    • /tmp
      • /Disk1
      • Select the JNF File
    • Select OK

Take Sensible defaults - and the program will install.

Make sure you create a Profile - and that the profile is an Application.

You should also complete the *Post Instalation Tasks" to Ensure your system is working correctly.

Starting and Stopping

There is a GUI !!! Menu option to start and stop this.

But command line (as root)

./IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/startServer.sh server1
./IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/stopServer.sh server1

Default Console

The Web Servers default console is


There is also a log in at


Note: You will get a security exception error as there is no Key Certificate. Just add the exception.

Setup Http Apache Server

Login at the main page https://myii:9043/ibm/console/logon.jsp

and Navigate to

  • Servers

    • Server Types
    • Web Servers

    Now in the RHS Window

II Time

At this point I snapshot the VM and then start the process again.

Copy the Source Files

cp /media/sf_tim/Documents/EIA/EIASW/IS_ID_INSIGHT_V8.1_FOR_LINUX_X64_ML.tar /tmp
cd /tmp
gunzip IS*.tar.gz
tar -xvf IS.tar