installing ii 9

II9, alas is just not a 1 product install. It needs at least 3 other products.

  • IBM Installation Manager
  • DB2
    • Server
    • Client
  • WebSphere HTTP Server
  • II 9.0.1

This hassle was rather unexpected and has caused me some issues - but this is how we are going to go about it.

Installation Manager

This installs a Gui (Eclipse) manager on your machine, You first need to go and find and download a product called IBM Installation Manager at the time it was 1.8.6.

You need to go through Fix-Central, and then taken the http option... I am running on a Linux X86_64 machine (so make sure you take that).



Please note: Your location will for sure be different.

I renamed the file to be


These are the steps

sudo bash
cd /tmp
mkdir IM
cd IM
cp ~/
unzip IBM_Install_Manager_X86_64

Simple setup - I think I took all the defaults.

It will restart the Instalation Manager software - I then exited.


I have already documented this - so I will not duplicate.

HTTP Server

You may be wondering why we need an HTTP Server for II - and indeed I thought the same thing.

Well - II uses it for it's Rule configuration. And without it you would have to do everything via QSL - and that assumes you know how to set up the Rules.

So you 1000% need a WebServer. I fear that as IBM Loves Java Web Engines so much, you probably can not swap out to TomCat, but I have not looked at that possiility.

So how do we get HTTP Server. Shock surprise ... it is a free product.

As root start IBM Instalation Manager and then

  • File
    • Add Repository
    • Enter this URL

You need your IBM Username and ID - but as it is a free product anyone can get this.

Next you Press Install, and the install Process should begin.

I again used sensible defaults.

##Configuring IHS (Ibm Http Server)

Go to path where IHS is installed

sudo bash
cd /opt/IBM/HTTPServer/bin

Execute apachectl command to start the web server

./apachectl start

As my (virtual Machine) is not having a good IP Address, I got an error. So

vi ../config/httpd.conf

Find the line Listen 80 and (in my case) Listen

Try and start it again

./apachectl start

No error so open a web browser and go to

It works....

II 9.0-1

I have downloaded the file.

su db2inst1
cd /tmp
mkdir ii9
cd ii9
cp /media/sf_timothyhseed/Downloads/IDENTITY_INSIGHT_V9.0_LINUX_X64_M.tar.gz .
tar -rzvf IDENTITY_INSIGHT_V9.0_LINUX_X64_M.tar.gz

All pretty standard stuff so far....

Db2Client Hack

You should have DB2 client already installed...

but you need an extra ENV Settting

vi   /home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile

And place this in the file (assuming standard Install)

export DB2DIR=/home/db2inst1/sqllib


I now navigate to /tmp/ii9/rh50_x64_gcc/Install/Disk1/InstData/VM


#YOU NEED TO BE db2inst1 else this will fail

I select

  • English
  • Next
  • Production
  • Accept
  • /opt/IBM/ISII
  • IBM DB2 Universal Database
  • No
  • /home/db2inst1/sqllib/java
  • II
  • Pressed Return

Verify All the Db Settings then

  • Continue
  • Create tables automatically

WebSphere stuff

  • Fully Qualified Name ... localhost
  • Then I took the default ports.