iscsi issue

RHEL Machine failed to mount the VG.

We entered the machine using the Emergency mode.

We now edited the fstab and made the iSCCI disks no automount

/dev/blah /mnt/disk1  noauto,defaults 0,0 

Now we rebooted the system.

sync;reboot -f

Reason ?

  • Looks like the Network was not started
  • iSCSI needs a network
  • The Mountpoint is however tried to be mounted before the network !!

bash multipath -l

That checks the iScci

LVM COmmands

  • pvs
  • vgs
  • lvs

Bring VG Up on-line

vgchange -ay Volume-Group-Name

Brings up online

mount /fstab_Name

vgchange -an Volume-Group-Name

Brings it down

Have a kiij