I quite like a break from CW by indulging in some Digital mode mayhem - especially there is a Contest on that I have not entered.

Instead of all the hassle that I used to expierience with the Yaesu and Icom - the K3-S is positivly friendly towards digital modes.

My setup is using a Mac-Book Pro i5 15" - so some of the easiness may be due to the Mac - but I rather think this should work with most modern laptops.


My Mac has 1 connection to the K3-S - and that is a USB connector (I think in Elecraft speak this is the KUSB). This is a USB Cable that has Serial capablilities due to the fact it uses the FTDII Chipset - very nice and simple solution.

And thats it !!


I have used Fldigi for quite some time - it is functional if not very pretty... but who cares.

Straight forward download and then install.

When installing I went carefully throught the setup options and chose the following 2 specfic setups (I am omitting name, callsign etc)

Audio Port

Use PortAudio

  • Capture
  • USB Audio Codec

  • Playback

  • USB Audio Codec


This is the most critical - as this will allow you to control the PTT (Push to Talk) as well setting frequencies etc.

  • Rig

  • Hamlib

    • Rig: Elecraft K3/JX3 (Beta)
    • Device: /dev/cu.usbserial-A7004VW8 Note this will probably be called something slightly different on your Mac
    • Baudrate: 38400
    • Ptt Via Hamlib : Enable
    • Audio on Auxiliary Port: Enable

Now Press Initialize - the frequency of your K3 should appear in fldigi.

Operating Digital

There are plenty of guide around showing you how to accomplish these - time to go exploring.